A downloadable game for Windows

Follow the story about a pair of twin demons called Gali and Galiya, who have just escaped hell and are on their journey up to heaven to be reunited with their parents.

United is a co-op game where we want you to work together in order to reach the end goal. Play as Gali and Galiya and then fuse together to become one united entity where you control the same character to solve puzzles in this side-scrolling platformer.

But be careful, stray too far apart and your soul-link will be broken and thereby perish.

United is a project of which we got 10 weeks to work on, please be free to leave feedback of things which we can consider improving on in the future!

Future things we would like to fix/add:

  • Soundtrack
  • Sound effects
  • Better layout of menus
  • Adding some sort of tutorial

Install instructions

Download the zip, unpack said file.

Start game through United.exe

To show in-game controls, press ESC.


United.zip 186 MB


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Took me a bit to find the controls. Game looks pretty good, but the lack of any sound makes it all feel really dead.

Thank you for your feedback!